Rugs come in many colours, patterns, shapes and sizes and are practical to use. They feature the weaving traditions of the countries and cultures of the world. Whether tartan, Scandi, oriental or Aztec, you have a little piece of the global heritage in your house. White Motive is passionate about sourcing and offering the best selection of wool rugs and linens to our customers. Our signature home store collection is made from 100% natural fabrics. It features the art and craft of proven quality weavers and textile designers.

Traditional or modern, woven rugs are timeless. However, they can change your interior in many ways at any point of time. Colourful or black and white, these loose carpets enrich your home decor with floral motifs, stripes and cheques. In addition, machine washable rugs let you keep the household clean and tidy with a minimal effort. Whereas, waterproof mats preserve the bathroom floor dry and non-slippery the front door area or the surface of the patio outside.

Rugs are fabric home goods that are beautiful and easy to take care of. They provide flexible floor covering inside the house and outdoors in the garden. In result, they provide warmth and softness to walk barefoot or sit down on the ground leisurely and without pretence. After all, we all like being comfortable at home and enjoying a good rest with our family. White Motive care about well-being. Thus, contributing to higher standards of living with our certified homeware has become our keen mission.

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