Wool rugs have been the traditional carpeting in the home since the dawn of history. The technological production of modern times has brought new floor covering products. However, the value of natural rugs is irreplaceable. They come in different colours, shapes and sizes, and can suit the needs of individual interior and home decor. White Motive takes the best care to source and offer only proven quality home goods to our customers. Our woven rugs and linens are made from pure natural fibres.

Wool rugs are a sustainable solution for everyone who is conscious about creating a healthy home for their families. They are also a nice way to enrich your place with the cultural weaving traditions of the world. The textile options with geometrical and floral motifs, stripes or cheques are diverse. They range from classic tartan and oriental patterns to modern Scandinavian designs. These loose small-size carpets are also highly practical. Because they are flexible to keep and store.

Wool rugs provide non-slip floor covering, warmth and sound protection inside the house. You can also place them outdoors as garden kneelers, front-door mats or patio covers. Wool is durable and naturally waterproof. It is easy to wash and dry, and to recycle. Playground carpets made from natural fabrics provide a safe choice for children’s games. Stylish designer’s artwork is ideal if you want to create luxury at home and to stun your visitors. While colourful or black and white custom pieces are the best for your personal space.

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