Homemade May—Is There Anything Brighter And More Delicious When Our Hearts Are Bonded In Eternal Love

To you dearest daddy, as this is your favourite month of the year you love so much, lush with the freshest greens, heart-free with the most caressing breeze, tweeting with the friendliest birds, beaming with the warmest sun and the sunlit yellows of the dandelions, scenting with the enchanting smell of lilacs.

To you dearest mum, as this is our favourite your-made delicacies, the softest melting Easter bread, the crispiest baked golden crust of the sweetest mini rolls filled with milk cream, savoured with vanilla and lemon, dates and delights, the most picturesques painted eggs from the reds to all the colours of the rainbow.

To you dearest family, as this is one of our heartfelt times of the year, which is so dear, which is so blessed, which is so precious to the core of our depths, so bright with its sacred light, so treasurable with all of us being all together all the way, all the time, always and ever, with our loving hearts bonded in our eternal love.

From you homemade May, being so abundant with the liveliest every days, so generous of the brightest holidays, so sweet made with all our love, so bright lit with all the blessings that are kept for us, so treasurable with all the universal gifts, which everlasting worth truly can only be appreciated when shared with our loving hearts.

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