Different Types of Beds Explained

There are different types and sizes of beds, depending on the purpose of their usage, the location and the dimensions of the space they are to be used in.

The most widely spread beds embed the full range of standard sizes for the bedroom. The bedroom is the part of the home, which primary function is to host sleep. In a family home, there will usually be a master bedroom and children’s bedrooms. The master bedroom is the chief place where double / full sized beds are located, often enlarged to king and queen sizes. Adult beds can be extra large to make further room for the whole family, including kids.

Kids’ bedrooms typically have single / twin bed sizing depending on their age groups. Infant beds can vary from baby cribs, through toddler beds to student and other youth beds. They can come in all variaty of lengths, from baby size to extra twins, as well as sizes (from full to queen sizes). These beds can be located in a children’s separately dedicated nursery or student rooms as well as be part of the furtniture of the parents’ bedroom.

Optionally, provided that the house can accommodate it, there may be guest bedrooms with double or (pairs of) single beds, depending again on the overall available space in the home. Regadless of the particular bedroom type, beds are the main furniture element of the room. However, if the home is not big enough, drop-in sleeping areas can be allocated in other parts of the home, such as the living room, the office / study, or multi-purpose rooms.

In these cases, the bed will only have an ancillary function, and as a secondary element it can be part of another piece of furniture, such as sofa bed / bed-coach, daybed, wall bed, and futon. Other flexible and mobile variants of beds exist, which can be used for leisure purposes or upon emergency inside the house as well as outdoors in the garden, or even on a holiday. Additionally, pieces of furniture such as the lounge chair can be used as beds.

A full list of bed types for the home with explanatory notes about their purpose of usage and best fit locations can be found in our table.

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