Feng Shui: New Year – New Beginning

Prepare To Welcome The Best That Awaits Us As We Are Ready


This New Year we begin anew, we begin even better, we continue to evolve, we are in constant progress on and up. And maybe few know that 2024 is more powerful as it is the start of a whole new period.

This year we farewell with heartfelt gratefulness with the 8 as it goes, and embrace with genuine friendly welcome the 9 as it comes. We love both as we appreciate every moment of our precious lives.

Wherever we are, let us feel home, let us be family.

Period 8 – Years: 2004 – 2024
The Infinite—Good Fortune Sets Up And Settles Down Over Again

Eight is one of the three lucky numbers; the most of all. It shapes out infinity. The signature of the Universe. If our journey during this period has led us to her, if she has shown up for us in any shape and form and we have followed; if we have come back to ourselves, remained true to who we are, we have found our way home, we are complete, we are accomplished. If on every crossroad we have chosen the good one from the two directions, and have kept steady on regardless of all storms and earthquakes, if we preserved our faith even in the utmost hopeless hour, if our light sparkles bravely in the wind knowing it is eternal, we are successful like no other. We are at peace and letting go.

Period 9 – Years: 2024 – 2044
The Magnifier—Good Fortune Doubles Up And On It Goes

Nine is the magnifying number ruling over all. It is strongly powerful. The unity of Earth and Heaven. It is our best supporter in everything we do, when we have now learnt how to be the very best friends. It is always here for us in every choice we make, when we now know how to choose the very right for ourselves. It is to help us expand to the very best, when we have now taken the road of all positive. It is the true magnifier of our good fortune, when we have now seeded the soil with the most potent plant of our success. It is to make sure the most delicious fruit ripens out, when we are now mastering watering skills for the most beautiful flower. It is to have the sun for us, when we now know we are the children of the light.

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