Flower Holiday—A Tradition Embodies The Design Principles Of Well-Being

The Holiday Of Flowers—The Importance Of Being Clean and Making It Clear, Get The Tidy Up Done And Declutter

There is this beautiful tradition of making wreaths from willow trees to freshly adorn the doorways of our homes with the take of Spring.

Done on the Flower Holiday just before the bloom of Easter, the interwoven branches answer the door every day welcoming in the green energy of new life.

The old wreaths flow back into water where they have come from originally so that the past is waved goodbye and the golden gates of the future are now cleared to wide open.

For a professional with a deeper understanding of the principles that create the order, there is always the richer world of awareness in our understanding of the World, the Cosmos, the us beings.

The eternal cycle of nature is a universal law that forms essential principles of design. Isn’t it the least of occasional that Spring embodies all these in one, the green, flowers, cleaning, integrals of our traditions.

Tidying up clutter is fundamental for making healthy every living space. Clearing blockages and residue lets potent energy flow through. Order, harmony and balance create ease and are foundational for well-being.

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