Storyteller: Villiyrtit, Wild Herbs Of Lapua

Join Us For A Summer Country Walk Full Of Gentle Scented Flowers

Villiyrtit: Irresistible Nature—The Season Of Summer Flowering And Scented Wild Herbs

It is the lovely season of summer flowering when the spectacular sight of scented rose balls is highlighted brightly to the front and gently balanced by the sheer delicacy of Queen Anne’s lace at the white and green background. Every flower attracts with its own unique beauty and together they create an irresistible universe of niceness.

White Rose Buds
The spectacular sight of scented white rose balls highlighted to the front.

Queen Anne's Lace
The sheer delicacy of Queen Anne's lace at the white-green background.

Isn’t this the perfect time to showcase our abundantly floral and herbal towel designed by The Illustrator Of The Year award winner? Scandi style interweaves with the highest rated quality for the creation of this masterful bath and table linen. Inspired by the wild nature of Lapua, it amazingly reflects the local summer countryside and is as enjoyable!

100% Masters Of Linen Villiyrtit

Can be used as a beach towel outdoors, shower and bath towel in the bathroom at home and spa towel in wellness and sports centers. Of the highest rated Masters of Linen quality woven by Lapuan Kankurit, this lovable linen is amazingly absorbent, fast drying, long lasting, and easy to care for. Matching tablecloths are available.

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