Dear March—The Month Of My Heart, Gentle Snowdrops, Singing Birds, Lovable Sun, Kind Wind, First Spring!

Dearest March—This Love Letter Is For You To Thank You For All The Good And Beauty Here In Me

My Dearest March,

I love you for giving my first breath

And with it,

Inspiring the whole Universe in me

In the infinite good of my heart.

I love you for the gentle snowdrops

And with them,

Making my beautiful soul resilient

To survive Winter to thrive in Spring.

I love you for the sweet singing birds

And with them,

For ensuring I have my angel friends

That are the messengers of Peace.

I love you for the lovely shining sun

And with it,

The light and warmth it brings to

Guide me, heal me, make me smile.

I love you for the kind caressing wind

And with it,

Purifying and reviving my strong spirit

Together flying with it high and free.

I love you for welcoming First Spring

And with it,

The privilege of being a loving child

Of Nature giving birth to the New Life.

I love you for loving me infinite much

And with this,

Creating the goodness and beauty,

The most precious gifts of my heart.

I love you for all the mighty blessings

And with these,

Being the most special in the world

As my soul lives in all your children –

In the gentle strength of snowdrops,

In the joyous fly of singing birds,

In the loveliest smile of the sun,

In the kindest caress of the wind.

Thank you dearest March for being me!

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