Storyteller: Himmeli, Green And Wool

Get Creative, Evergreen And Warm In Complete Harmony With Winter

Himmeli—Ornaments in Green

Himmeli: A Story Of The Three Staples Of Everlasting Life

As the New Year is just beginning and the sparkling glamour of the holidays still comes up as we close our eyes, what is the best to think of than a cosy warming throw to cuddle into and deep fall in a restful sleep.

Something made me think of Himmeli, which I liked from first sight.

Wool is undeniably the most preferable fabric for the winter season for many obvious reasons, but also some not so familiar. It is an earthy texture with impressive grain, and the Earth element is one of the most suitable applications for our homes during the first couple of months of the year.

Green is the everlasting colour, the most balanced of all, known to many cultures as the symbol of the new beginning and the revival of life. Likewise wool, one of the oldest fibers in human history that has deserved to be an icon of sustainability and longevity, they harmonise so well together with their healthy energies.

Himmeli is the name of a decorative piece, which is made from golden straws and is well-known to many countries in Europe. Traditionally, it has been crafted as holidays home decoration to hang on the Christmas tree or above the festive table, or to nest candlelights inside it. It evolves creativity, the leading force of life.

Always make sure to be surrounded with the best and most positive!

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